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The patent proceedings are filed with the German Patent and Trademark Office under the file number DPMA DE 10 2017 006 716.3.

Renewable Energy, Alternative Energy, Autonomous Power Generation
We have made the gravitation work against itself. And we get electric power - practically free and 100% environmentally friendly.
We have built a gravitational drive that generates autonomous rotation energy and can produce electrical power in industrial quantities.

Thanks to a sophisticated device - durable and practically free.
Independent of the sun, wind, waterfall, coal, nuclear energy and other sources of energy.

Electricity without CO2 emissions. It means a technological breakthrough, an energy breakthrough.

Thanks to gravity, so clean that he could be in an operating room in the hospital and produce electricity.

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When it comes to money, you are gold right at EFC International Group®.

Let us take you to an old and new world of business dactics by presenting and explaining our new and revolutionary business solutions and products.

On the following pages, please read and be amazed at how simple and unavoidably effective use and prevention can be if you only use really effective means and strategies.

The EFC International Group® team has set itself the task of counteracting the established stereotypes and has developed some ingenious products on its own or co-developed, the world-wide of the same.

Numerous awards, media reports and widespread recognition have always confirmed the correctness of our decisions, which drive us forward every day in our quest for perfection.

Let yourself be inspired and put us to the test of the professionalism you expect when it comes to success.

Do not expect us to try to figure out how many millions we own - we have not yet - we advise in the first place.

But there is the old saying that the mouth is the best advertising.

We at EFC International Group®, too, do not ignore this old-established truth as a future-oriented company and are happy to take advantage of it.


Would you pay a financial adviser to tell you how to invest your money?

Before you do this, go on vacation.
You will have more of this and keep your money.

We keep what we promise, just let us work, the wonder we leave to you.

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