Power generation

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And is subject to secrecy pursuant to § 31 of the German Patent and Trademark Office.

In the case of a license, the intention to purchase the technology or a share in the capital, information may be made available before the patent office is disclosed.

The prerequisite for this is the formal identification of interests with the intended use and the signing of a corresponding declaration on confidentiality.
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Technological breakthrough in power generation by the new

gravitational drive

Alternative, autonomous power generation,

EFC International Group has developed a drive that can generate electrical energy exclusively by means of gravitation.

We have made the gravitation work against itself. That is, we have built an instrument for it - our gravitational drive.

And we get electric power, practically free and 100% environmentally friendly.

This process is called autonomous power generation.
The patent application was filed and will be brought to industrial implementation shortly.

It is a drive that is capable of moving once in motion, theoretically infinitely in motion, and thus, thanks to gravity, produce continuously and practically for free electrical energy.

The drive can be used both for private households and for industrial electricity production and its production costs will be unrivaled on the world market through its simplicity.

Thus, it represents a revolution in energy production and in the world of alternatives and autonomous energy production because, in its function broadly speaking, it could enable decentralization of the power supply.

For its functionality, this drive does NOT require any additional energy sources, because the ones it needs are produced by the user himself.

Because this is a global project, there is still the possibility of an equity investment.

Our technology could provide each individual with electric current absolutely independent - and still profit from it.

On Youtube you can see very clearly, what actually a swing drive can be capable of. It could be an energy solution for all of us.

A ZDF Dukomentation flywheel accumulator in the ZDF series Planet E, shows very clearly, which advantages this drive brings with it.

This little flywheel in the video, does 500,000 watts! And weighs only 2.3 tons.
We have developed a flywheel drive that can drive wheels of 50 tons and more!
And then at the latest! We would play in the megawatt league, 100% environmentally friendly.

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